Sunday, 9 October 2011

exam dah abih !!!

alhamdulillah.. sudah selesai exam...
so far so good.. hopefully everything will be fine.. InsyaALLAH
hehehe, baru sem satu kan.. macam dah abih belaja jer.. padahal ader bnyk lagi pasni..

the summary for the past Sem one..
jangan belajar last minute okay.. make revision every time not only when there is quizzes, testes, and really before the examination.. not good maaa..   assignment mmg tak tangguh... coz my dearest KANDA bgth yg jangan buat assignment last2 minute.. walau sebaris ayat pun mulakan awal.. alhamdulillah.. assignment okay jer.. so better teruskan for the next sem.. cume style belajar tu kene ubah sikit..

good luck for the rest of the other sem that i will face..

i chose to study back is for a good reason, Ya ALLAH.. please help me to get through all the things will happen in future.. i love You, ALLAH

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